Got great tech but poor sales traction?

Startups and VCs are finding it harder and harder to crack the traction nut. The problem is not in the product, the problem is in the market place.
The focus should not be on What your product does and How it does it, it should be about Why your market should care.

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Quantify and qualify real market problems. Create products that clearly reolve those problems


Clearly position your products to create maximum value, understand your buyers and their processes


Product launches that generate sales momentum. Prepare your sales org and your market


Implement repetable processes that can be roled out globally. Get the right product / partner fit


Our team have worked with some of the biggest brands in cyber, up and coming start ups and prestigious business schools in Spain and China.

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It’s not that problems are invisible; it’s that no one is looking for them
Steve Johnson, Pragmatic Marketing
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