Get active! A golden rule for classroom training.

He really put me on the stop when he asked me for a golden rule for attendance (class room) training. I had to think it over a bit and came up with one, create activity. If you are a trainer or a trainee I think this is a must, I shall explain.

How to use the SWOT Analysis tool

I have always liked the SWOT for its sheer simplicity. It’s a tool which allows any sized group of people to work together to identify what the next focus can be for the group. It encourages all members of the group to participate, is very easy to facilitate and usually ensures a high level buy-in from the participants.

How to better manage difficult customer visits

In this post I will share with you what you should and should not do before, during and after your visit to a customer. There is a lot within, I am sure, you can apply to most customer visits. This post is based on my experiences and the interaction I have had with both private companies and government bodies.