How we affect others and what that says about us

As I have twitted and mentioned many times I think the keys to life are people and our relationships. Life is at best regular but what makes it special is the ability to share it with others. Think about your greatest achievement, what does that mean to you if you could not share it with family, friends, and peers?

Added Value. Part 2. How to create it

Value is something a customer perceives as an increase in a products’ benefit or worth. So value is 100% customer dependent, anything else is just an add-on, additional feature. In addition I made the claim that all added values have 1 common denominator; they solve customers’ problems! The value for the customer is in the resolution of her/his problem.

Added value. Part 1: What is added value?

This might seem like an insignificant point but it is the essence of the issue and the key to succeeding in the creation of added value. If you do not understand that added value is determined by the customer’s perception of “it” you are doomed to failure or at the very least you are playing bingo, who knows you might get lucky!