Halloween is a time for celebration and reflection

Halloween can be seen as a time for refection. It is time to think about what we have accomplished (what we have harvested), what could we do better (how to labour better). I think the line between life and death could also be about reflection as if we want to better understand life we must also look to those that have gone before. So in deep reflection you must connect in some way with the them.

Satisfied customers are not necessarily loyal

Loyal customers don’t have to be happy to be satisfied. Once a customer feels the human connection with the company / product etc they can be loyal without being satisfied. Look at football clubs for example, they can have terrible seasons and still fill stadiums and sell merchandising, it’s much more than satisfaction.

Customer complaints are gifts

Having a complaining customer is truly a gift, if you want to create value added solutions. If you’ve got a complaining customer you have already got a foot up on your competitors. These customers give you the keys to create added value which could ultimately differentiate you from the rest of the pack.

What is the problem with your solution?

It is my contention that all value is customer determined and the additional benefit the customer perceives is when a product / service / solution resolves her / his problems, then and only then is value created. So you must always start with the problem! It is the core of your solution and it is where you must always start. Unfortunately a lot of today’s companies focus on THEIR solutions and not their customers problems.