Webinars, a must for every marketing tool box

I have been running webinars session for global teams for over 5 years and the more I use this form of communication the more I see and leverage its value……The big up for the presenter is that she / he can emotively transmit knowledge and information, get peoples creative processes into gear, get people revved up and then steer that energy to the final objective.

The importance of emotion

I came across the following video in which Tony Robbins explains the ultimate importance of emotion how that makes the difference in our lives. The science of achievement or the art of fulfillment? The different between our desires and or needs.

Sales teams, are they market or customer driven?

Generally speaking, I’m a great fan of sales teams; their execution is what brings sense to an entire organization`s efforts. However, they are not market driven (at least in the great majority of cases.)