The power of why

Why is the most important word in your vocabulary, that is if you want to create market driven products that actually create value for your customers through the resolution of their problems. What is the question that sales / customer driven businesses use. This means that the sale team ask their biggest customers “what do they want?”, this is customer driven as it is usually driven by a small handful of big customers, sales teams listen more to those that have greater leverage, and so they should.

Asking the what question does not necessarily mean you are solving the problem correctly, it only means you are giving the customer (not the market) what he / she wants. Doesn’t sound too bad really when you say it out loud, however, as Henry Ford once said; if he listened to his customers (asked What not Why) he would have breed faster horses.

The two questions you need to ask of your strategy

Now strategy is understood differently depending on whom you talk to, some people compare and use the term where others would talk about action plans, an action plan for me is the next few steps further down the chain after strategy and objectives have been defined.

However, regardless of how you understand strategy and where it should fit into the way of your business there are two questions that it must be able to stand up to and these are what will make the true difference in its success Read more