Brands and branding, is it really that complex?

This post is going to deal with the upmost basics of branding, what exactly is a brand and why should we care. Even though I’ve been some time working with brands and also have an MBA from the ESEUNE Business School, in which I received excellent lectures on Marketing, the topic of branding for me has been a bit like the world’s financial crisis; at times it seems to be a topic so complex that to have just one definition or one point of view would seem impossible.
I am managing to straighten out a lot of misconceptions I have had regarding branding and I will try and share that with you over the next coming weeks in very straight forward, simple posts (that at least is my goal :-), let me know how I get on).

What is a brand?

The importance of listening

When we talk about people who are talented communicator’s lots of us generally refer to those that are apt at transmitting their point of view and making themselves understood. So, to a certain extent we understand great communicators as those that broadcast well, great speakers, lectures etc. However, we too often underestimate the importance of listening in their success.

When I was just over a year at Symantec John Thompson had just taken over as the new CEO. I was fortunate enough to have spent a few minutes with him as he did the rounds in the Dublin office. John was, and is I am sure:-), an amazing communicator, I had never seen anybody engage so effortlessly with so many teams and individuals; it seemed that he already knew everybody.

That was over 13 years ago now but his advice about listening has stayed with me all my life. Unfortunately we listen only too often to respond when the real goal of listening is to comprehend: Read more..