2011 year in review

See how the World Searched with Google’s 2011 Zeitgeist. A great and emotional video which reviews 2011 and on that note, thank you all that have followed me this year. I hope that my posts have created some value for you all from time to time. I wish you all a very peaceful festive season and a most execellent 2012.

Are YOU a risk to your brand?

A few weeks ago I had the good fortune and pleasure of attending an excellent personal branding seminar given by personal branding Guru Oscar Del Santo in ESEUNE business school. To put this in context, I work in marketing, work with brands so the value add for me was to get to know Oscar and learn from a master, however, I never thought he would totally change my understanding of my personal brand.

I mentioned good fortune before as Oscar reviewed my online presence; Blog, Tweeter, Linkedin etc and gave me feedback. I did not expect to get too much feedback but what I got sent my head spinning. Due to the fact that I was the brand I had lost objectivity and was violating the most basic rules of branding.

Branding, why you need to create a new category.

The best way to ensure your brand is differentiated to the maximum is to have no competition and the best way to do that is by creating a new category. If you do not create a new category you will will find it difficult if not impossible not earn a space in the perception of the consumers mind as LEADER, FIRST, THE ORIGINAL, PIONEERS; you will simply struggle against the competition to try and find space in an overly packed existing category.

Coke created the category of COLA, it didn’t accept the category of “soft drinks” it created a new category and it dominated it. Mercedes created the category of the prestigious car, and iPad created the Tablet. When it comes to their respective categories these brands are the LEADERS and being leader implies you are the best; nothing succeeds like success. It is proven that people subconsciously associate (the greater majority) the leader with the best. One of the biggest and recent examples is the Tablet, who do you think of when you think of the Tablet? iPad right, you associate the brand as the leader in that category, why? The brand created the category and was first, leader….the best, at least in the mind.

Customer attention and loyalty are not managed using cards

Now more than ever we all have to go that extra mile to earn customers attention and then leverage that into loyalty / business. A friend of mine, recently commented on how the game has totally changed. It’s a brave new world where we have to bring our A Game (our best) every single day and that our A Game has to be different to everything else out there.
However, the reality would seem otherwise. People and business so not full leverage the opportunity of having a customers attention, in part becasue they are not aware of the cost of that attention. But if you lose a customer due to the fact you made a bad first impression, you sent spam instead of a personalized email the cost of the unknown can and will affect your future.