What is the brand, the company or the product name?

I got a lot of feedback in regards to my post on the importance of categories in branding and why you need to create a new category if you really want to set yourself apart from the rest of the pack.

The feedback I got was more to do about the basics of branding which I tried to explain in an earlier post. Most people understand that the company name is the brand but don’t understand that the actual product name is also a brand. So the brand is Apple, so too is iPad or iPhone, Gillette and Match 3 etc. So what is the brand name, the company or the product? The answer could be both, the question is which do you want to push more?

The Samsung Note; no category = poor branding. Apple did the same!

Is it a smartphone, is it a tablet?This is the new marketing campaign for the Samsung Note. One of the goals of marketing, if not the most important, is to dominate a category. If you cannot dominate a category you should create a new one and dominate it. So, you need to create a product that enables you to create …