Why mobile is much more than just the same content in a different format

When you go to a lot of websites today the great majority have a mobile offering and some, unfortunately, do not even have that. But what is this mobile offering? It is basically the exact same information presented in a different way, something easier on the eye and easier to navigate from a mobile device, but it doesn’t take into consideration your (mobile users) problems.

Let’s think about it. If you are using a mobile device and you connect to an airport website what is the most likely problem you are going to have? You are going to want to know when the next arrivals or departures are, if it is a train company you want to know the arrivals and departures times for the nearest train station more than likely.

The buying process is seldom the selling process

Understanding the commercialization of products from a buying perspective before the sales perspective is key in creating market driven products as you are once again focusing on the problems being faced by your market, this time not just the problems the product will resolve but also the problems customers have in selecting the right product.
The general misunderstanding in most companies is that the sales process is the buying process. Unfortunately this is seldom the case. The selling process is how your sales teams sell the product (create interest (telemarketing e.g), do a demo (live e.g), negotiate price etc. However that does not mean that the sales process coincides with how YOUR customer actually buys the products