Walk this way? Let the market decide

An interesting phenomenon happens sometimes when are waiting on the traffic lights to go green as to walk across the road. Instead of looking at the lights we invariable look at the people on the other side of the road and wait for them to move and then we cross.

When it comes to creating new products and new businesses I think something similar occurs in that we stay over focused on the movements of our competitors and or industry analysts and as such we forget about the real regulator, the market (our traffic light).

Empathy is the key to marketing

Business is about creating products and or services to resolve problems, I always rant on about this but I am adamant that it all starts with a problem. So if you want marketing to work the key is being able to understand your markets pain points and to do so you need to do many things but the most important for me is to empathize. Put yourself in their situation, walk a mile in their shoes.

In today’s new reality of unlimited expectations companies need to be connected more than ever with their customers and not just at a superficial level, they need to be able to truly empathize with them.

Does sex sell?

Sex like anything else is a product, so if it sells or another way of understanding that  is if it is successful, depends on the same fundamentals that rule all products success. For a product to be successful it must comply with 3 simple rules and these three rules define a market driven product Urgent? The prospect must have a …