The Crisis, but what about the fried egg?

A crisis appears when something stops working and only change will improve the situtation, it’s not however about getting back to our set menu, are beloved status quo. Things can never go back to the same after a crisis wether it is economical, political, in a marriage, a business; you have to get out of your known comfort zone if you really love what you have otherwise it will change without you and you run the risks of loosing.

But what can we do to make a difference? What can we change, today? Tomorrow?

The problem with having a perfect product

Have you ever got too caught up in details that finally you can’t see the woods from the trees? Sometime we get over focused and get lost in our own world of knowledge, prejudices and ideals and forget about who are end product (our work) is actually for and how it will help them to achieve their goals.

In general we over think our limitations (product or personal) and focus on filling our own spaces instead of leveraging what we do have and filling the spaces that our customers have.