What is product marketing?

What is Product Marketing?

A question we are asked often asked at Market Driven Products is does our company really need to hire a product marketer – product marketing manager? Could the product manager and the marketing team not cover this between them…with a little help from sales perhaps?

When you see, people trying to build something from multiple sources, in this case the Product Marketing Manager role, you really need to ask what are they trying to build? There is no globally accepted definition out there and even Google doesn’t make it too easy to find an all-encompassing explanation.

What is product marketing?

What is product marketing?

However, we recently came across this excellent Slide Deck from the talented people at Drift and thought we would share.

Lots of things to lots of people

What I find so interesting about the role is out it cross so many areas – orgs of the business and also is deeply grounded in the market place. What really fascinates me about and draws me to the the role is the breath of it. Unfortunately, its true value to the business is only seen from the closed point of views; what is the value to sales, what is the value it creates for product etc. In many cases companies look to respond to specific need using the role, messaging and content creation is the most typical, which not only limits the scope of the role but the overall impact that it can bring to the entire value chain.

If a product marketing manager is well integrated into a company she will be viewed differently by all departments but his overall value will be understood at the senior management or C-level. When I was at Panda Security the tech people thought I was the sales guy, the sales people thought I was the marketing guy, the marketing people thought I was tech guy and the customer thought I was their advocate. They were all right, sort of.

We would share the view on the definition as Drift but we would just change one small point; we would change the word “customer” for “problem” and it would fit perfectly with our understanding of the role.

What does Product Marketing mean to you?