We are Market Driven

We empower companies to create and market products and services that people want to buy and implement the processes they need to scale.

We have a hands on approach to helping companies identify the gaps in their strategies, end to end. Starting with Why they develop the products and services in the first place; to solve problems.
Understanding buyers and their processes to communicate maximum product value through to selecting the right route to market and scaling strategies.

We deliver our services on a customer to customer needs basis.
Some of our delievery options include:

Biz schools & Unis

Practical training sessions in business schools and universities empowering business leaders and entrepreneurs to overcome current and future challenges |with pragmatic, tried and trusted tool.

Strategic advice

Strategic advice to the management of startups and foundations through Advisory boards. This model enables startups to benefit from our accumulated knowledge, without the expense or formality of the Board of Directors

In-company training

In-company training from how to internalize market issues, positioning your product / service portfolio for greatest market traction to streamlining your sales process for maximum impact.


We love working on niche problems that have otherwise efficient companies running poorly. We pride ourselves on resolving these issues with minimum consultancy intervention.

How we work.

1 We take the time to get to know your organization and listen to identify the real problems. Whether you are a startup, University or mature enterprise each problem is a world onto its own. This approach makes the best use of your time and investment.

2 Based on your budget, goals, organizations culture and expectations we design a tailor made plan with timeline and KPIs. This plan will define also the scope of our participation in the roll out

3 We see all our projects as co-ventures so we implement the plan in partnership with you and your team. We assess whether we met your needs and helped you achieve your goals

Darragh Kelly was the last professor before we graduated from MBA in China. In my opinion he was the best professor we had in the master, he was in charge of the course of Marketing, the course was 5% theory and 95% professional experience, for me this is how a MBA should be…he took the time to advise each of us how to run our businesses or how to improve an existing one Elizabeth Coral IT Project Manager