The importance of convergence for tech startups; Tumblr, a great example

Tumblr started just over 4 and half years ago and is only just recently starting to rock but man is it rocking, this week it secured $85 in a new round of funding. Four and a half years for a tech startup doesn’t make it old but it’s definitely not young and most companies that don’t get traction in the first couple of years are usually in danger of never getting it at all. However, Tumblr got the traction late but boy did it get it, but why?

Technology by itself is never successful, it always requires a convergence with other factors and these can be quite simple or a downright complex mix match of factors and Tumblr is no exception, it needed a convergence to take place and that is why it has taken so long to take off. Read more….

More information in an ever shrinking, made to measure world

With the Internet there is no excuse for ignorance a friend of mine once humoursly put it. Internet and new media have opened the world to us but who A) wants it and B) could handle it? I think very few want it and nobody can handle it all so that’s where an interesting paradox has occurred for me in that I am more global than ever before within an very shrinking world of my own design.

Connectivity and Generation Y

In my last two post I talked about Why I think we connect so much to the digital world in an effort to avoid dealing with ourselves and also the impact that all this connectivity has on our creativity, as we need boredom to process thoughts the decline in boredom could be argued to create a decline in creativity. In this post I want to support those points of view with some interesting facts and have a closer look at connectivity and Generation Y. Here we will look at reseach results from the UK on smart usage and also data from the US on students connectivity. Connectivity is becoming very much ingrained in the DNA of the Millennial Generation and there is a lot of data out there that doesn’t paint a pretty picture but we will just have to see how it all plays out and have faith in evolution.

Connectivity: declining boredom and therefore declining creativity / innovation?

I think the most serious side affect of all todays connectivity is that it is killing our creativeness and as a direct consequence our capacity to innovate! Say what??? We need boredom to enable us to process thoughts and generate creativity. So if we have no boredom how do we expect to be creative especially when innovation and creativity are more important today than ever before?