Customer attention and loyalty are not managed using cards

Now more than ever we all have to go that extra mile to earn customers attention and then leverage that into loyalty / business. A friend of mine, recently commented on how the game has totally changed. It’s a brave new world where we have to bring our A Game (our best) every single day and that our A Game has to be different to everything else out there.
However, the reality would seem otherwise. People and business so not full leverage the opportunity of having a customers attention, in part becasue they are not aware of the cost of that attention. But if you lose a customer due to the fact you made a bad first impression, you sent spam instead of a personalized email the cost of the unknown can and will affect your future.

How important is breakfast in your business?

The importance and power of the first impression is almost universally accepted, but I think we may however underestimate the power of good bye or au reviour. “The most important meal for the hotel is the clients last breakfast”, this is what Paddy Fitzpatrick, one of Ireland’s most successful hoteliers, told me over 15 years go. His logic was that the last breakfast was the last opportunity for the hotel to leave a positive lasting impression for the client. Do you put any emphasis in the last important service contact with customers, if not, why not? Read more…

Satisfied customers are not necessarily loyal

Loyal customers don’t have to be happy to be satisfied. Once a customer feels the human connection with the company / product etc they can be loyal without being satisfied. Look at football clubs for example, they can have terrible seasons and still fill stadiums and sell merchandising, it’s much more than satisfaction.

Customer complaints are gifts

Having a complaining customer is truly a gift, if you want to create value added solutions. If you’ve got a complaining customer you have already got a foot up on your competitors. These customers give you the keys to create added value which could ultimately differentiate you from the rest of the pack.