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The buying process and the selling process, is there a difference?

Whether a buying or a selling process, both map out the steps taken to acquire a product/service. The difference is from which perspective do we see those steps; from the supplier’s or from the customer’s. Do you sell like your customers buy? If you don’t you are in trouble. Check out this short video.

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The importance of being imperfect

Imperfection is truly human unites us with others. It is only by accepting imperfection and that it is an integrated part of all our outcomes that we are freed to actually get out there and get things done albeit imperfectly but done nonetheless. Perfection is the greatest restraint on our actions, double thinking everything out, trying to foresee all possible negatives just leads to procrastination.

NEW is about you, it’s not about me

  On a sales call the other day I picked up on something that is really common but for some reason I had not identified clearly as a problem before. The point was the sales rep’s constant referencing to “New” in regards to the product she was trying to sell me.   Does NEW create value? The whole focus of …

The 3 Fs to objection management

How do you deal with objections, when your prospect tells you that she is not interested in your product becuase it is just to expensive, or what they have is good enough at present? For large sales you should be looking at objection prevention that I will deal with in other posts but here I want to share with you …