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Are prejudice and bias a must in entrepreneurial decision making?

Absolutely, prejudice and bias are very necessary components of entrepreneurial decision-making but are we aware of how important they are, why we use them and even if we are using them? Time is finite and information infinite In a world where we have more and more information at our disposal to make decisions, the result is counter productive, the more …

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Is Donal Trump partially or fully Market Driven?

Donal Trump has identified the key problems his voters are suffering from and he communicates that in a way that shows that he gets them, his voters; he can emphasize through clearly understanding the problems that are being faced. In this way, he is partially market driven in our understanding of the term; he addresses the problems of his market but does he solve them? Does he create value?

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The importance of being imperfect

Imperfection is truly human unites us with others. It is only by accepting imperfection and that it is an integrated part of all our outcomes that we are freed to actually get out there and get things done albeit imperfectly but done nonetheless. Perfection is the greatest restraint on our actions, double thinking everything out, trying to foresee all possible negatives just leads to procrastination.

A simple negotiation tool, make a concession

When you are negocaiting price and conditions with a prospect you would do well to remember the following simple tool; always answer a question with a question. This is so simple and does not take away form any other negocating skill so I wanted to share it. If your prospect asks for monthly billing and you can do it, say …