The problem with having a perfect product

Have you ever got too caught up in details that finally you can’t see the woods from the trees? Sometime we get over focused and get lost in our own world of knowledge, prejudices and ideals and forget about who are end product (our work) is actually for and how it will help them to achieve their goals.

In general we over think our limitations (product or personal) and focus on filling our own spaces instead of leveraging what we do have and filling the spaces that our customers have.

Pre product launch communication

It is difficult to validate your product marketing messages and concepts with your stakeholders, partners even clients before you launch your product; Why? Because we are all against the clock, any additional revision / modification that is outside of your control is not desirable so what usually happens is that product marketing is done internally and behind closed doors, so to speak. When everything; concepts, messages, brand, unique selling points are closed and finished, from the managers point of view, then and only then are they communicated to the shareholders (internal teams), partners and finally clients.

The unfortunate thing about this conservative, yet understandable, point of view is that A) You run a huge risk of not getting it right B) you miss an opportunity to get people involved early on, each of these have a huge importance and benefit the products possibilities of success.