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Which sales channels to use for startups? Part 3 of 3: OEM, when tech licensing makes sense

Licensing your technology to third parties, when done correctly, can make a lot of sense to a budding startup that has the right IP (intellectual property) and know-how but does not have the sales force to get the market traction it needs. In this post we will address some myths surrounding licensing and also some of the key factors that go on behind the scenes but have a paramount effect on your OEM success.

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Which sales channels to use for startups? Part 1: The golden rule!

This is a question I get asked often, “Should we sell through direct, go through the channel or maybe look at licensing our technology through OEM partners. The question rarely, if not ever, has a silver bullet answer. There are so many factors that need to be added in to qualify the question to get any type of relevant answer; …

NEW is about you, it’s not about me

  On a sales call the other day I picked up on something that is really common but for some reason I had not identified clearly as a problem before. The point was the sales rep’s constant referencing to “New” in regards to the product she was trying to sell me.   Does NEW create value? The whole focus of …