The importance of convergence for tech startups; Tumblr, a great example

Tumblr started just over 4 and half years ago and is only just recently starting to rock but man is it rocking, this week it secured $85 in a new round of funding. Four and a half years for a tech startup doesn’t make it old but it’s definitely not young and most companies that don’t get traction in the first couple of years are usually in danger of never getting it at all. However, Tumblr got the traction late but boy did it get it, but why?

Technology by itself is never successful, it always requires a convergence with other factors and these can be quite simple or a downright complex mix match of factors and Tumblr is no exception, it needed a convergence to take place and that is why it has taken so long to take off. Read more….

What should you blog about?

One of the main aspects or mission statement bullet points for social media is amplifying “the message” to bridge the gap between your brand (company or personal) and your customer. So you really have to have your brand message pretty clear. At a business level your social media plan/strategy should be an integrated part of your communication strategy. That is …

The (Green) Fools proof way of starting your blog. Getting started asap: Part 1

Ok, so for whatever reasons you may have like me you decided that you want to start up your own blog. As I mentioned in my first post,, I am doing this more as an experiment in the pragmatics of social media more than anything else. My goal is to treat all aspects of setting up and efficiently communicating …