Tips for running a successful webinar: Take notes and follow up

One of the main benefits of webinars from a marketing or sales point of view is that you can get feedback from those who attend your sessions. This feedback, comments, questions, suggestions are invaluable, in addition to responding to the people’s ever increasing need to participate you also get insights to your product. So make the most of it and identify unaddressed business opportunities and increase your market credibility. But how? …………..

Webinars. VoIP or teleconf?

VoIP is a much more manageable option when you are dealing with large groups of people as you can reduce the incoming communication to chat. By doing so your stride is not broken and you can deal with the question when you are ready.
There are times when the objective is to talk (transmit information) and other times when the objective is to listen (receive information).

Webinar: Marketing to a Changing Information Security Landscape

Interesting webinar hosted by BrightTalk regarding the evolving information security landscape, emerging markets, and changing buyer research patterns, and why it is increasingly important to deliver the right message to the right person at the right time. Derek Brink of Aberdeen Group will talk about the most recent trends in the information security industry and their implications for marketers.

My webinar checklist

Before you start the webinar have 3 – 4 concepts written down that summarize the entire session. Link everything up to those 3 concepts, constantly refer back to the concepts; “Once again this shows that webinars are COST EFFICENT…….”Here is another great example of how COST EFFICENT webinars are”…etc etc. Repetition is king.