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What to ask a product marketing manager?

Hiring a product marketing manager can be a critical decision for startups. It generally comes at a tipping point of maturity. So with such a critical role you want to get the candidate right, right? So what questions do you ask? In this post / video I talk about the 3 Ps of Product Marketing; Problems, Passion and Process.

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Is Donal Trump partially or fully Market Driven?

Donal Trump has identified the key problems his voters are suffering from and he communicates that in a way that shows that he gets them, his voters; he can emphasize through clearly understanding the problems that are being faced. In this way, he is partially market driven in our understanding of the term; he addresses the problems of his market but does he solve them? Does he create value?

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Why security is about not losing and never about winning?

Which brings us to security. For better or for worse, be it right or be it wrong, security vendor’s pigeon hole customers into a don’t lose mentality, seldom into a win frame of mind. The focus has been very much on FUD (fear doubt and uncertainty), through the years and continue to be so in the great majority of cases.

NEW is about you, it’s not about me

  On a sales call the other day I picked up on something that is really common but for some reason I had not identified clearly as a problem before. The point was the sales rep’s constant referencing to “New” in regards to the product she was trying to sell me.   Does NEW create value? The whole focus of …