The Crisis, but what about the fried egg?

A crisis appears when something stops working and only change will improve the situtation, it’s not however about getting back to our set menu, are beloved status quo. Things can never go back to the same after a crisis wether it is economical, political, in a marriage, a business; you have to get out of your known comfort zone if you really love what you have otherwise it will change without you and you run the risks of loosing.

But what can we do to make a difference? What can we change, today? Tomorrow?

Be a plug-in my friend, not a cog

Due to certain experiences recently, companies lay offs, general economic gloom something a friend told me not so long ago has come back to me with timley meaning; “Darragh, be a plug-in and not a cog“. Basically this means that you avoid fitting into the company machine, do not conform to medirocracy, do not be pushed into becoming a comdity. …

When the sun comes up; time to change

With all that is changing in the world recently; politically, socailly, economically, ideologicaly etc we are well and truely in a crisis. I believe that this crisis is being prolonged as we do not or cannot change, either way, change is the solution and lack of change is the pain being felt.

All of this brought to mind an African proverb I saw some time ago, long before this crisis and I think it sums up this brave new world. You can interpret it has being positive or negative that will depend on the individual and I think that the change that is now needed will also start with the individual and work it’s way up to bigger things.

Branding, why you need to create a new category.

The best way to ensure your brand is differentiated to the maximum is to have no competition and the best way to do that is by creating a new category. If you do not create a new category you will will find it difficult if not impossible not earn a space in the perception of the consumers mind as LEADER, FIRST, THE ORIGINAL, PIONEERS; you will simply struggle against the competition to try and find space in an overly packed existing category.

Coke created the category of COLA, it didn’t accept the category of “soft drinks” it created a new category and it dominated it. Mercedes created the category of the prestigious car, and iPad created the Tablet. When it comes to their respective categories these brands are the LEADERS and being leader implies you are the best; nothing succeeds like success. It is proven that people subconsciously associate (the greater majority) the leader with the best. One of the biggest and recent examples is the Tablet, who do you think of when you think of the Tablet? iPad right, you associate the brand as the leader in that category, why? The brand created the category and was first, leader….the best, at least in the mind.