ESEUNE’s new Master in Internet Business 2.0; because a crisis is a terrible thing to waste

A crisis is a terrible thing to waste. Paul Romer, Stanford Economist. Here the famous Economist refers to the opportunities that exist due to the need for change and how too often this moment is not leveraged.ESEUNE’s Master in Internet Business 2.0 is founded on the premise that: The world has changed. Companies have also changed. Consequently companies need to acquire talented professional who understand this new business reality. Sign up now at a discount rate for my blog readers

Get active! A golden rule for classroom training.

He really put me on the stop when he asked me for a golden rule for attendance (class room) training. I had to think it over a bit and came up with one, create activity. If you are a trainer or a trainee I think this is a must, I shall explain.