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Why security is about not losing and never about winning?

Which brings us to security. For better or for worse, be it right or be it wrong, security vendor’s pigeon hole customers into a don’t lose mentality, seldom into a win frame of mind. The focus has been very much on FUD (fear doubt and uncertainty), through the years and continue to be so in the great majority of cases.

2012 in review [Video]

End of another year and for me it’s always a time to reflect, not too much;-) but to look at back on what I have achieved, revisit what is important and remember why. We will all have our own read on 2012 but here are some images that brought us all together in 2012. Have a very special 2013.

2011 year in review

See how the World Searched with Google’s 2011 Zeitgeist. A great and emotional video which reviews 2011 and on that note, thank you all that have followed me this year. I hope that my posts have created some value for you all from time to time. I wish you all a very peaceful festive season and a most execellent 2012.

Social media, why are we still skeptical?

A few days ago I was talking to one of my work colleagues, Pedro, in regards to social media. He mentioned that he was on my blog and that although he liked the look of it he was quite skeptical about the social media boom. His skepticism regarding social media has been his main barrier in getting involved, or becoming a …